About Us

Our History

 Mark Lecky Architects, LLC was established in January 2013 by Mark Lecky R.A., President.

Mark Lecky Architects, LLC was formed after Miller Lecky Architects, Inc. ceased operation in December 2012 due to the retirement of the senior partner and President, Steve Miller, AIA. Mark Lecky and Steve Miller had worked together since July 1984 before the establishment of

Mark Lecky Architects, LLC.   

Our Services

 Mark Lecky Architects, LLC is a full service firm that provides a hands-on approach by our key personnel from the start of preliminary design to the end of contract administration. 

Our services include:

  • Facilities, Service and Maintenance Buildings
  • Departmental and Business Offices and Support Areas
  • Window and Skylight Replacements; Standard and Monumental 
  • Roof Replacements
  • Elevator Replacements / Additions
  • Handicap Accessibility Improvements and Assessments
  • Site Design and Planning
  • Exterior Restorations and Improvements
  • Feasibility Studies and Cost Estimating
  • Structural Design and Repairs 
  • Masonry Restoration and Repairs
  • Historic Metal Work Restoration and Repairs
  • Exterior Painting, Finishes & Sealants; Industrial & Commercial. 

Why Choose Us

We have over 25 years of experience

 working on County, commercial, religious and institutional buildings, as well as, on miscellaneous residential and industrial projects.  Each project is different and we take the time to understand them individually. 

Our experience includes various types of buildings and structures from simple to complex and from historic to contemporary. The ability to deal with a variety design requirements has strengthened our overall abilities to present various options to our clients. 


Our greatest strengths include our years of experience using cost effective materials and methods and providing your project with our expertise working throughout all portions of the process from the initial assessment 

to the end of construction.  


We know we can bring the experience, personal service and attention to detail that you are seeking in an architecture firm for your project.